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GPS Pet Tracker - Beige

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  • LIVE TRACKING & LOCATION HISTORY - Pinpoint the real-time location of your furry friend when it matters most and see the history of places your dog has visited.
  • VIRTUAL FENCE - Define a safe area and get an instant notification if your pet leaves the area. Dog tracking has never been easier.
  • ACTIVITY MONITORING: Keep your dog healthy with the integrated dog fitness tracker
  • WORLDWIDE LOCATION TRACKING - Use your Tractive GPS pet collar attachment in over 150 countries. Manage all features via the free Tractive GPS app for a iOS and Android or in any browser.
  • SUBSCRIPTION PLAN NEEDED - Starting at only $ 4.99 / month (when 5-years plan paid upfront) with different subscription plans available. SIM Card is already integrated in the GPS tracking device.
  • Age range description: All Life Stages
  • Included components: GPS Tracker, Manual, USB Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
One step in keeping tabs on a location

This device is really good. Electronically, it is very accurate. It can track your dog, or anything you attach it to. There is a fee for the tracking service. Not excessive, but be prepared to deal with it.The service company personally reached out to me about 10 days after signing up to ensure all was well. It was. But it is good to see a responsible company.The device wasn't difficult to set up. It is small enough for a Husky to wear. It has a couple of items I did not realize it has; both of which can be called assets. The device has a LED to tell you its battery status. You can also control this light and an audible signal for those times when the situation might call for it. To save battery life, those two assets are controlled in the app.A dog can be a significant investment, even a rescue animal, so why not protect your investment?

Great price for everything it offers

I love how well it tracks my dog, it gives a great deal of information including the dogs speed. I got this because just recently my dog took off into heavily wooded area with coyotes which was upsetting. He is not the smartest dog so i thought he would never return. As it was getting very dark and starting to rain he did finally show up. This tracker tells me exactly where he is and how far away. I would definitely recommend this product. THE ONLY problem I see is the rubber part that holds it on the collar which is held on by very small tabs and not so strong rubber straps. So far it holds but I see it breaking easily as he and his friends play very rough

Absolutely Love This Tracker!

Love this tracker! It has been very accurate, and has given me peace of mind knowing that if my dog gets out of the yard that I can find her quickly. She has gotten out twice since I bought the tracker, and both times it notified me that she was out of the fence, and she was right where it said she was. The Family sharing capability is also really helpful when I’m an hour from home at work. Wish the battery lasted longer, but it notifies you when it needs to be charged. It looks a little bulky on my dachshund, but it doesn’t seem to bother her.

Great Tracker

This review comes after two weeks of using this tracker.Some background - our property is adjacent to 12 acres of heavily wooded, undeveloped land. We had a cat that (as it turns out) really liked to explore. He went missing over the summer for a 3 nights. When he came back, I thought i would be nice to know where he goes and spends his time. I bought a non-pet specific GPS tracker that worked really well, though it was a bit bulky and the monthly subscription cost was a bit high (~$19). I then found a cat specific tracker @ pawtrack. UK based, but supposedly works the world over. Nice, small compact collar that unfortunately stopped tracking the cat when I needed it most. He's been missing for 3 weeks now.This brings us to Tractive LTE GPS tracker. Not cat specific and while it is a bit bulky (and a very unattractive brown) it doesn't seem to bother my 7.5lb cat. Tracking-wise, it has had zero issues tracking her in the wooded area behind our house. Hitting the 'live tracking' button in the app will find the cat in about 30 seconds to a fair (15 feet or so) degree of accuracy. Battery life appears to be really good - I'm able to get almost 3 days out of the unit before it reaches less than 10%. The magnetic charging cable is a bit finicky though. It will latch, but you need to make sure that the charging light turns on. The collar has a 'find me' light which is OK, though I would prefer the ability for the collar to make a beep or other noise that could be triggered remotely.The app itself (android version) is fairly intuitive - a few minor quibbles as far as selecting the date range for the history of the tracker. It would be nice if there were predefined 24hr/48hr/7day selections. The strava like 'activity' tab of the app is interesting - showing how active your pet is and comparing it to other pets is interesting. The geo-fence is easy to setup. It's nice that you're able to disable alerts for it also within the app.Overall, out of the three trackers I've used this is by far the best - cost is very reasonable, it appears to be very accurate and it's easy to use.Update after a few months use:Still a great tracking collar. I like it so much, I have one for each of my cats. Tracktive the company is continually developing this product too - I've received a few over the air updates to the firmware and the tracker now has the ability to emit a noise (granted, a very weak noise) when a button is toggled in the app. There's also a 'locate' feature that turns on BT tracking for the device when you're in the general area - it gives you a hot/cold screen of how close you are to the device. Very handy for locating the cat that likes to hide in the bushes.

Free-range doggo approved, amazing value

This is our second Tractive purchase, and absolutely money we'll spent. This updated version has better accuracy & tracking intervals, longer battery life, and more app functionality than the previous one.We live in the high desert and our dogs love to roam, a lot, sometimes covering up to 20 miles a day. Without these trackers there is no way that we could allow them to enjoy the life their breeds deserve (Husky & Belgian Malinois). We get custom alerts whenever the hounds enter or leave a geofence we've set up, so I know exactly when one of the fur balls is getting a little too far out or fixing to get into trouble before they do. Our neighbor traps for fur in the winter using cage-style live traps and our derpy Husky is definitely going to get snared in Coyote jail at some point- with the tracker's geofence and notification features this is of little concern as we'll know exactly when we need to go bail him out of the slammer and let the neighbor know he needs to reset his trap.Great, responsive customer service on top of the great tracker as well. A rep reached out via email since we were one of the first to buy the updated version and I provided some specific feedback, inquiring about adding a sound/buzzer feature to the app that can be used for recall or another trainable task. I had almost forgotten about the interaction when I noticed a few weeks later that a sound activation feature had been added in the latest update that activates a subtle but clear beeper on the tracker- great response! We will definitely be doing some LONG distance recall training in the next couple of weeks.So far both trackers have stood up to whatever abuse our doggos can dish out, and I can unofficially certify the new version as being "Malinois-proof"- the breed has a particular reputation for being hard on just about everything and requires a higher level of hard-use gear. While I can't attest to the tracker's water resistance, hence only 4 stars, it does seem to be well sealed. My estimate for battery life on the new version in standard mode is 24-48 hours, and even better with the beta Battery Saver mode enabled. Magnetic charging cable was a great improvement over the last version as well.The subscription for the tracker (it is cell-based, after all) is very reasonable at around $80/year and is worth every penny. On top of everything the plan includes free replacement of the tracker in the unlikely event it falls off while your beast is out doing dog things.The app (android) is still a little clunky but has gotten better with every update, and being able to export .kml/.gpx data files from the web site is an added bonus for long term tracking that I'll definitely be utilizing. We're looking forward to seeing what the Tractive crew has in store for future updates.Valkyrie (pictured) also gives it five stars.