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Smart Lock + Bridge WiFi Adaptor

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  • Unlock your lock anytime, from anywhere. Let friends, guests and service people into your home remotely
  • 6-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock: Fingerprint + Anti-peep Keypad + Smartphone + Auto Unlock + Shake to Open + Mechanical Key
  • Voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant. Works with IFTTT
  • Auto lock / unlock: Locks automatically as you leave and unlocks when you arrive
  • Share Ekey & Code: Grant access to your family, guests or service people via a code or an eKey for permanent access, specific dates or periods of time

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I love this lock.

I love how easily it works and integrates into your home and routines. It's nice to be able to use your children's bio-metrics rather than a pass-code that they can accidentally or on purpose, tell their friends or others. (My kids are 5 & 6). It is easy to install however there is one small thing I do not like. It needed to fit a little loose with the main screw that mounts the inside thumb-turn module. If I tighten it to the point that it doesn't wobble slightly at the touch, there is too much torque on the bolt and the motor in it cannot turn it. At first my OCD drove me nuts about this but I've gotten used to it considering I rarely have to touch the device and feel it being slightly loose. However, physics does kick in over time and a loose screw will only become more loose over time as the wobbles are created by use. Every couple months, I have to take the batteries out to get to the main screw and slightly tighten it a wee bit so it does not become too loose.Prior to this lock, I had the Schlage smart lock system. This lock is SO MUCH quieter whereas the Schlage sounds like someone grinding gears on a manual transmission when it auto lock/unlocks. One thing that the Schlage system had that this one does not is the ability to program windows of time that a pass-code is valid. For instance, we would set our baby sitter to have access M-F between 3pm-7pm and outside of this window of time, their code would not work. One could also set a code to expire on the Schlage system. This one is simple and can only add a user and their code / bio-metrics, without any other bells or whistles. To me, this seems like a simple improvement that can be made in the product software and hopefully can be added with a software update.One other small issue is that if you set your system to recognize when you leave and return to your home, it will auto-unlock your door. This works pretty well however, on some occasions it sees me 'return' home and unlock the doors when I haven't left the home. This is rare.Overall, I would still recommend this product:Pros:- Super quiet compared to other major brands- Bio-metrics and Bluetooth auto unlock features work great.- All features mentioned, work as promised.Cons:- No scheduling options for access code time windows- Can't tighten firmly on door or the motor will not be able to turn bolt due to torque against bolt- Bluetooth home/away sensor can sometimes see you leave and return (and unlock door) when you haven't left home.

Excellent Smart lock

All the major features without the additional subscription costs. I understand companies making money, but a subscription for a door lock is a no, no. In comes ULTRALOQ with all the bells and whistles. You get the ability to make temporary keys for guests, a Bluetooth proximity unlock that uses geo-fencing, and much more. With the hub, you get total connectivity online. The geo-fencing for the Bluetooth is huge because any lock that does not extend out the range of the Bluetooth signal can unlock the door at random when your phone is in the house. With this lock. The Bluetooth function does not work until you are several hundred feet away from your home. This is highly important. Do not ever buy a smart lock that has Bluetooth without this functionality or you will have a deadbolt locking and unlocking randomly while you sleep. Easy to install, and the ability to hide your access code when you use the keypad is very clever.My only gripe about ULTRALOQ is that the Hub and door lock have a 1-to-1 relationship meaning if you get 5 of them and you want them all to have WiFi connectivity you need 5 Hubs. They need to make a central hub that can handle multiple locks. Keep in mind however that you do not need the Hub to run the lock(s). Only if you want to control it over the Internet so the use case for this would be just putting the main entry online and using the rest locally.

Handsome and easy

Love this. I was able to keep my original handle by using this deadbolt instead of the combo. It is quite easy to use. I had a locksmith install because I didn’t want any hassle although maybe I could have done myself. It is handsome on the door. I appreciate the feature that allows me to decide how long the lock should wait after I close the door, before it secures. I set it at the full 5 minutes so I could get groceries in, get the husband in, the dog rounded up etc.... before it locks.

Perfect smartlock with a plethora of features to suit most needs

To start off, this is my 5th smartlock. From cheap to expensive, so I have extensive use knowledge, comparisons against competitors, and integration experience (smart integrated house). This lock is replacing a Kwikset Kevo and it's hands down a better lock. It's cheaper and the version I bought included the bridge (with the Kevo the bridge was an additional cost of around $100). I would say, with what I wanted, it's a perfect lock. This lock is for the garage interior door (standard sized door including the deadbolt cutout) and the objective behind a smart lock here is to assist with opening the door when hands are full and/or without a key/app in hand or opened. We solely use this door for entry/exit and it's behind garage doors for decreased accessibility to the public. The Kevo worked perfectly for this at first but as phones upgraded and security increased, the reliability of the blue tooth connectivity became less and less reliable and forced us to open the app to unlock the door at almost every use, defeating the purpose of a "hands-free" lock. Other locks performed nearly identical in regards to blue tooth connectivity as the Kevo, likely due to infrequent updates and wide ranges of phone models. This lock has great features, much more in comparison, and has 3 methods of preference. Biometrics, PIN, and geo-based auto-unlock. Biometrics seem to work flawlessly provided you set it up properly. I've used them about 40 times at the time of writing this review without one issue. PIN code works exactly as it should and does not require comment on this tried and true method (other than the PIN hide feature if you're paranoid someone is watching). Finally, the Auto-Unlock geofencing. This has worked perfectly so far. I put the target in the middle of my house, even though the actual lock is near the house edge. I did this to ensure that my house and backyard is covered in the radius so if I'm in either, it would keep the mode to back and not unlock if I leave the radius in my yard and re-enter causing the lock to unlock. It works like this, once you've entered the radius, it will unlock and set your mode to "Back". Once you leave the radius, it changes your mode to "Away", and the next time you re-enter the radius it will switch to back and unlock. This ensures it's not unlocking once you're in your house and are within the radius. This is intelligently designed and I'm confident that it's working as intended. You can also set to receive notifications once the auto-unlock feature is triggered so you'd know if your distance from the lock is triggering an unlock. I had someone assist in testing the range and it's pretty accurate. The lowest setting is 300m but will go up to 600m and 1000m. I do not use the auto-lock setup, but plan to once all the users of the door have PINs and fingerprints added, as it's time based but it is a good option as long as you have a PIN and/or fingerprint setup (so you wouldn't get locked out if you forgot your phone inside). The included bridge runs on the 2.4ghz band (pretty standard for smart home appliances due to its range and compatibility) and should be within 10-15ft of the lock. Mine has a full signal at about 12ft with a couch blocking the line of sight. I do not use Alexa or other smarthome companions for home security devices so I cannot describe it's integration features/skills but I imagine it's like the other security devices and only allows you to lock and not unlock. The only improvement I'd suggest is the nob on the interior mechanism. It's black on black and you can't easily see if it's unlocked or not. I plan to resolve this by dremeling a notch and painting the groove white to see its position. All-in-all, I'm very happy with this lock and if ever phone security is interfering with the auto-unlock feature, the biometrics and/or PIN can be used for an easier access method. I would recommend this every time someone wants to use a smartlock.

Love it! Great for families & rentals! Easy install!

I was skeptical about buying this, but I’m glad I bought it. I haven’t had any problems with it at all. I purchased this along with the bridge and it was super easy to install. The app works great and has a bunch of settings. I can see who unlocks and locks the door and set up notifications. Great for those with children and teens so you know when they have come home or forgot to lock the door. Also, everyone in your house can use the app but you can control who has admin settings and who can just Use their phone to lock or unlock. You can make profiles, temporary codes, change codes whenever you want and has a security feature where you can just add random numbers to your code so no one knows your personal code. I love the auto lock feature and the feature where you can lock and unlock remotely. You can also set it up where it auto locks and unlocks when your phone is a certain amount of feet from the door. I also connected it to my little Alexa dot and works great. I bought one for my mom as well and now she doesn’t have to worry if she forgot to lock the door or get out of bed at night to check it. I have never had connectivity issues, you just have to make sure you follow directions and plug in the bridge close to the door. The only thing I will say about it is, it the fingerprint feature does not work on some people because for some reason it does not work for her but it’s not a problem, she can use her code or her phone. Battery has lasted a few months now and still is going strong, haven’t had to charge it yet or change the batteries and I can see how much battery life is left through the app. You will love it as long as you follow the directions and if you need help you can scan the QR code on the direction leaflet and there is a video for every single step or contact customer service and they will help. It comes with everything you need (unless you need to resize it for super thin doors). I highly recommend!!!