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Smart Lock With Voice Control

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  • Wyze smart lock: Lock or unlock your door from anywhere using the Wyze app. Wyze Lock connects to your WiFi via the included Wyze Lock Gateway. Enable auto-lock and auto-unlock to never have to think about keys or codes again.
  • Keyless door entry: Simply walk up to your door and have it unlock automatically and then lock behind you once you're inside. Purchase Wyze Lock Keypad and Wyze Cam separately for added security and surveillance. Works with your current key and deadbolt.
  • Simple sharing: Wyze Lock lets you easily share access to your home with friends, family, contractors, dog walkers, and really, whoever you want. See a history of lock and unlock events. Wyze Lock gives you complete control of who has access to your home.
  • Door position detection: Wyze Lock not only tells you the lock status, but also if the door is open or closed. Unlike other locks, Wyze Lock has a built-in gyroscope to know the position of the door. No need for separate sensors.
  • Easy 15 minute installation: Seriously. Wyze Lock installs in 15 minutes (we timed it!) and only requires a screwdriver. It works with most single-cylinder deadbolts and takes the place of the inside thumb latch. Wyze app required.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Easy to install, seamless integration and simplistic app!

I made the decision to get a smart lock during Prime day this year. Out of all the options that were available, this seemed reasonably priced, had an attractive look, and positive reviews. Once it arrived, I followed the instructions through the app step by step for the install. I used my existing deadbolt, made sure I used the appropriate bracket for my lock, and low and behold, the lock was installed. I then paired the bridge with my wifi, connected to the lock and I was read to go.I like the fact that I can auto lock when I close the door behind me, but the drawback to that was, say, I went to get the mail and didn't have my phone, I would be locked out...so with that in mind, I also purchased the keypad. That way, if the door locks, then I can easily type in my code, and presto...I'm back in the house. I do recommend getting the keypad for this reason.All in all, the lock and keypad have been working great. No issues with connectivity, or the app, so I can honestly say this has been a great purchase, and I highly recommend!

Great lock

Easy to install - took me 10 minutes maybe. It works very well - except for geofencing which really is not a big deal for me. I did get the keypad for it and it works flawlessly. I recommend using screws for the keypad for security. I have tried the guest access feature and it works. I highly recommend this. I also have an August lock for another home and this works just as well but for half the price. The geofencing works much better for the August lock.

Nice affordable smart lock!

I was wavering between Wyze lock and August and decided to save $100 bucks and picked Wyze.I am so happy for my decision so far.It was really easy to install and it took less than 10 minutes for me.Since I live at an apartment, it's another advantage over August that no additional sensor is required.In other words, it requires literally no damage to the door.All the steps for installing were fairly smooth including wifi set up, calibration, etc.I have seen many complaints about auto-unlock but luckily it works just fine for me even though it's not quick as I expected.I thought whenever I step in front of the door, the lock would already be unlocked but sometimes I have to wait a couple of seconds in front of my door. Anyway overall it works well though.I just wish Wyze develops apple watch app or make the Wyze app working with Siri or iOS shortcut.

Works Great with Minor Complaints

So it seems as if the lock is working without any problems so far. I have not had any calibration issues or other issues that other reviewers have complained about. The only trouble that seems to be a common issue that I am also experiencing is the auto unlock feature seems to not work very well. I can't get it to work half the time and this should be worked on.As far as the rest of the lock goes, setup was fast and easy, integration with the Alexa was simple and it's been working for almost a month now without any issues. The only other issue I have is there is no way to setup commands/routines to unlock the door. I don't know why this is a thing if I can send a command by voice to unlock it. It would be fine if a unlock command triggered the passcode number as required but it seems that isn't a thing which is sad as I would love to be able to setup a routine that if I say to unlock the door I can have it setup to wait 5 minutes then send a lock command without having to rely on just the app to do it.

You’ll love this lock!

I’m not one to write reviews but I love this lock. After searching for a new door handle set that was “smart”, I couldn’t find one that fit my budget and looked the way I wanted. I ended up buying a door handle and deadbolt kit from a major maker and added this and the Wyze keypad to it. The auto unlocking feature with the geozone is hands down the best thing since sliced bread. The set up was super simple and the addition of the keypad made it even better so I could give family and a neighbor a code for emergencies. Wyze will send you an alert with who opened it and when and tell you if it was manually unlocked or remotely with the app. �