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6L Automatic Pet Feeder WIth Voice Recorder

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  • Precise Portion Control & Healthy Pet Life: 6L food capacity, program up to 8 meals to feed on your pet's schedule, 1-20 portions per meal, about 10g per portions to maintain a healthy diet. With a desiccant, the automatic pet feeder can keep the food dry and fresh. 6L timer program pet food feeder great for dogs and cats.
  • Recording Voice & Device Sharing Food Dispenser:  Record voice messages and play them when you feed your pets. Your doggy will not feel lonely as he can hear your voice recording and know you're with him. No need to worry about your doggy when you're away from home. You can feed them anytime, anywhere via your phone. Several users can use the same account of the pet feeder, you can share your favorite moment with your family and friends.
  • Easy to Clean & Quality Food Material & Dual Power Mode: Detachable pet feeder is convenient to take apart and clean. The pet feeder is made of BPA-free ABS material, it is environmentally friendly and durable. AIIYME dog feeder can be powered by wall power or 3 D-size batteries( not included).
  • Package: 1 x Automatic Pet Feeder, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Desiccant , 1 x User Manual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
We can finally sleep through the night!

Our Australian Shepherd, Maisy, bugs us every night at 3:00 AM to eat. We’ve tried everything to keep her satisfied so we can get uninterrupted sleep ���Our little buglit is now fed automatically in the middle of the night! This is a life saver �It holds a lot of food for our little 35lb dog �I already used the SmartLife App for smart home things like outlets to control lamps and our thermostat, so I was excited to find a pet feeder that uses SmartLife.The app for the feeder is a little funky, but not too hard to figure out, and as others have said, you can control the portions (referred to as “copies” in the app.)

This Unit Completed My Fully Automated "Kitty Corner" Perfectly - Excellent Machine/Addition

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. If you have a look at the video I uploaded of this feeder in action (in the video you'll hear me activate the feeder using my voice with Alexa, but that was just for demonstration. I actually have it setup on a timer so I don't have to trigger it myself).Anyway, I've not had this unit for more than 2 months. I purchased it as the final addition to having a fully automated setup for my three cats. I bought it about a month before I planned to leave for vacation, so I could put it fully through it's paces prior to leaving so I could be sure it worked well without issue (to ensure I didn't accidentally leave my cats without food). In the photo I uploaded you'll see a Wyze camera ($20) looking down onto the automatic water fountain and the feeder itself so I could monitor it while I was away.You'll see in the video, that I wall mounted the feeder itself and then built a small contraption I fastened onto the front of the machine so that it splits the food into three separate bowls. I intentionally purchased this machine specifically because of the fact that the "dish" that comes with the machine is detachable. That is what allowed me to attach the "food splitter" contraption I made. The bowls are glued to the "placemats" you'll see beneath the bowls, and the placemats themselves are simply taped to the floor. This allowed to ensure that all three of my cats are fed separately with their own dishes, and prevents the cats from moving the bowls around on the floor (thereby preventing a giant mess having the food shooting out onto the floor without a bowl to land in).I've had literally ZERO issues with this machine. Simply ensure that you have your router setup with 2.4ghz, that your phone is also connected to the 2.4ghz channel when setting it up, and I assure you it will work flawlessly. I feed my cats Friskies Seafood Sensations, and the kibble comes out perfectly, no clogs or anything of that nature. The timing options are fantastic (limitless really, whatever you want), and the portion sizes are incredibly customizable, I played around with quite a few of them and I can't imagine a scenario where the available options wouldn't be sufficient.Absolutely a five star product, in it's construction, workings, design and otherwise. Genuinely couldn't be happier with this machine.

Very helpful device to own for pets

Bought this for my medium dog since he has a tendency to over eat when I leave him to his own devices. I love the smart life app as I use it for a bunch of other smart devices already so it was a simple setup. It takes a bit of adjusting for the portion sizes per meal, by my measure a full 10 portions is equal to roughly 1.25 +/- cups depending on the kernel size of your pets food. Ultimately this thing is amazing because if I space out feeding my pup I know he is covered thanks to the schedule I made, but if I want I can also give him snacks of whatever portion size I deem even when I'm at work, which is huge for me. I do wish it had a censor to indicate the bowl is full so as to not overfill, but my dog has so far had no problem cleaning the bowl out at meal time�.

Works, simple to use.

Love this feeder. First one I got was used. Had pet hair and pet food crumbs in it. replaced it no problems.I already had the app that I use for some led lights. Setup was easy. Simple and easy to use. You have to be on a 2.4 Ghz network and I used the Guest wifi network.I have another automatic pet feeder that I bought a year ago. The problem is that we have 3 cats. The smallest one had to wait until the other two finished eating. So we had to increase the portion size to have enough left for the younger one. But we want to control their weight so 3 automatic feeders would be best that go off at the same time, this way you can limit their portions. I’m going to wait a little more and if this new one has no problems, I’ll get one more. So much better the our first one.On the first one one if the cats learned to push it up from below the food tray and drop it so some food would fall. He can’t to that on this new one. First one had no app, you just program it from the buttons. No way to control it when you are not at home. You can also see a history of feeding times and portions on the new one. The voice recording on the new one sounds better too, and louder.The lid doesn’t seem to lock on the new one like it does on the old one, but it stays very secure in place. I see no problem with that so fat. Also it has a desiccant in the lid. Not sure if that is needed as the old one doesn’t have one and we had no problems with.Now I need some good automatic litter box to automatize that part of owning cats.... or cats owning us...

Great for pet owner who travel often

Bought this automatic feeder for my two cats as I travel a lot. With this cute device, I am able to feed them through my phone when I am out and also schedule the feeding without worrying I forget to feed them. It has very large container which does not need to refill very often and the feeding amount can be configured to fit different pets. Don't forget to change the desiccant inside the cap to keep the dry food refresh. I do have a suggestion for the next generation, it would be nice if it can come with camera and two-way audio.