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1080P Wireless Security Camera With Night Vision

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  • Fluent 2 Way Audio and Manually Turn On / Off Night Vision: Our home security camera incorporates a microphone speaker equipped with noise filter technology creating a perfect two-way conversation. 
  • Motion Detection and Auto Movement Tracking: Please download "littlelf smart" app. The wirless camera adopts Smart Perceive Technology to detect movements, every potential danger your home will be identified accurately sent to your phone immediately, just open Littlelf Smart APP to check quickly what is going on, never miss any important movements! Also, when you turn on the function of auto movement tracking, the wifi security camera will move as the object moves.
  • Full 1080P HD IP Camera and Smart Pan/Tilt Camera 1920*1080 Mega Pixels and high-tech optic lens present sharper details and produce crystal clear image quality. This indoor security camera provides wider viewing angle with horizontal 355 and vertical 110 function for complete coverage of your home.
  • Cloud backup & Privacy Protection: This pet camera also supports max 128GB SD card ( Not included), allows you to record picture and videos, and you can playback the videos via our Littlelf Smart App. We also offer 90-day free cloud storage trial with 14 days cycling for event recording, high level encryption technology will protect your videos even if this home camera was stolen or broken, no one can access your videos!
  • Multi-users & Multiple View: This baby monitor camera supports many users (No limit on the number of accounts) to view simultaneously on iPhone and Android phone. You could share your camera with friends and family for good moments. Littlelf Smart app can manage mutiple cameras and display 4 live videos on one screen, help you keep up with everything in your house. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems .

Customer Reviews

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Like it

So far the camera is excellent, the video and sound quality are good. It helps me watch my kids, who are always being mischievous ( reason why I got the camera in the first place). I'm able to move the camera around or have motion detection which means it will move to wherever it senses a motion, but I chose not to use that option because my kids move to much and it will drive the camera nuts lol.It has night vision which is also good quality.I also like that I can talk to to my kids and they can also talk back to me, so it makes it easier if they are doing something they aren't supposed to I can tell them to stop it thru the camera.

Helped with catching my brother stealing food

My brother has diabetes and also Down’s Syndrome plus a bit of dementia. He doesn’t understand why we limit his food intake and is constantly stealing food from the pantry and drawers which causes his blood sugar to spike after eating all the junk. We figured we could buy a simple camera in the house so we can see what he’s doing when we are in our rooms or working. We started using it right away and already caught him a few times stealing food. I was able to communicate with him through the camera and told him no or stop. It’s also nice that this camera can spin up to 350 degrees which enables me to see a bigger area. The app was a bit confusing because there are 2 apps with similar names. Once I was able to figure it out it was pretty simple to use.

Impressive little unit

This is my first move into security cameras. I'm really impressed. I ended up buying this after looking at the Blink. I'm glad I went with this one. The motion capture is very good, and I like having the option of either local or cloud recording (which costs money). I love that I can be notified on my phone when the camera senses movement. Customer service has been very responsive, albeit in somewhat broken English (CS comes from China).You can set to record continuously, or only record motion-activated events. I only record events, and it meets my needs. The company told me the recording uses 0.3GB per hour, 7.2GB per day on the SD card. If your events aren't too long, the card will last a long time. Once the card is full, it starts recording over the oldest events.I first bought the white one, then bought the black one since I felt it was easier to "hide" in my particular application. I'm still happy to have an extra one just in case, and I set it up at home when we go away on trips. For this price it's worth having a spare.I don't use the night vision, but when I tested it, it seems to work fine. I'm using it indoors where someone would have to turn the light on to enter the space, so there's no need for night vision. But if you need it, it's there.A couple drawbacks: First, this camera does not work on a 5G network, so be sure you know what type of network you're using. Also, I've been getting some false alerts on my phone. It seems to be related to heat. When the room gets really warm, it appears some kind of re-focusing happens in the camera which it interprets as movement. Just a bit annoying, but I'd rather it's too sensitive than not sensitive enough.In my correspondence with the company, I asked about security. Here's the answer I got, if you're interested:"... the video data upload is transmitted using financial-grade encryption, which can be completed using a dynamic key. With the double encryption of data and channels, even if your user data is intercepted by hackers, you can’t play videos. In addition, the video stored on the SD card is encrypted, and you must log in to the account on the application to view the video stored on the SD card. In this way, even if the SD card is stolen, others cannot watch the video on the SD card. In addition, we will desensitize the collected data to prevent data leakage."That's all. If you need a small and inexpensive camera, I'd certainly recommend this one.

Cute little baby monitor

This tiny little elf is a cute 360 degree security camera which can be used as baby monitor. It has motion sensor which can detect and track the object in motion and alert immediately by sending a notification . It has good visibility at night time as well.Can install sd card up to 128gb to save HD/SD quality videos locally. You can even record from phone and save it in phone gallery directly.Setup is very simple, was able to setup in less than 2 mins. It supports only 2.4G WiFi band. My router has multiband on the same ssid, it was able to pair without any issues.It supports both Alexa and google, I can watch the video stream on my echo show directly. It has temperature sensor in built, can automate to sense the change in temperature and alert the user and record the video. Can interact with kid using two way audio.I highly recommend this product if someone is in market for baby monitor or pet monitor or security cam.

Got this to spy on a naughty doggy

I bought this to spy on my extremely naughty dog. She will raid things and get into food and things on the counter and the trash while we are gone. What I love most about this is the 2 way sound so I can also yell at her. This has enabled me to be able to leave her out as I can give her corrections while she thinks we are gone and so she is finally learning to leave things alone and go at with her toys or sleep while we are gone. Picture is shockingly clear and also has a zoom. The video is in color and the speaker is very clear. The camera has the ability to not only zoom but to pan up and down and back and forth.