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Programmable Smart Home Thermostat - Alexa & Google Assistant Compatibility

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  • UPGRATED INTERNET CONNECTION WITH HIGH-END CHIP. The third generatioin have the most stable connection cause it has the high-end chip.
  • EASY INSTALLATION,QUICK SETTING,EASY OPERATION. Most customers can finish the installation within 30 minutes and be familiar with the operation within 20 minutes, and its easy- maintain cause there is no battery require, so no need to change the battery by month.
  • CONSISTANT MONEY-SAVING FOR YOUR FAMILY . Our  thermostat helps you save over 20% cost on HVAC expense(Data get from the Xing laboratory)through energy-saving mode ,7-day rational programming , remote access and so on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love it!!!!!

Love that I don’t have to get out of bed to change the temp!!!!

Setup in 15 minutes

Just got my new thermostat in the mail about an hour ago. Unboxed it and prepped my wiring to hookup. It comes with everything you need to uninstall your old one and hook it up. Make sure you take a picture of how your old wires were hooked up before taking them out. The box contains stickers to mark your pre-existing wires. Took me less than 15 minutes to install. Has a real clean design. Nice vibrant screen and a very convenient led night light on it. Best part is that you can adjust the brightness on all of them. Another feature is that you can check the weather and indoor humidity from the thermostat. The app to control the unit is very user friendly and you can watch the settings change almost in real time. I'm very satisfied with my unit so far and will return here after a week or so of usage for a further update.

If I can do it with long rhinestone acrylic nails anyone can

I watched one youtube video where a guy showed how to take down my old honeywell thermostat and install a new one and about halfway through the video I said, yeah I can do that and honestly the most difficult part was getting into the breaker box and flipping the breaker off.Turned off the breaker, and followed the directions from there, took a picture of the wire location, loosened the screws holding the wires (which were already labeled thankfully), removed the back plate, pulled the wires through the new plate and installed it with the screws that were used previously because they were a bit shorter, installed the wires how they were in the picture, snapped the new thermostat on and downloaded the app, flipped the breaker and programmed the wifi in and put my location in and it's been excellent since.It was honestly the easiest diy project I've ever done, the most difficult part for me was getting the breaker opened and that's only because I have long nails and rheumatoid arthritis. If I can install this after watching 3 minutes of a youtube video anyone can, don't let the project intimidate you because it's not nearly as difficult as you might think.

Very Nice Quality

Super impressed. Works perfectly with my Alexa too, so now I can adjust before I get home, or even if I am running late. Comes with clear installation instructions and was fairly easy to set up. Highly Recommend.

No Issues, Easy Install

Installed a couple weeks ago. works perfect. love controlling from my phone.