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1080P Video Doorbell with Two Way Audio

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  • 1080P HD Resolution & Wide Angle: Take an eye on your home day and night with our crisp 1080P HD high-resolution video and infrared night vision. Never miss a spot with our excellent wide-angle lens.
  • Real-Time 2-way Communication: With two-way audio and on-demand Live view video, this smart doorbell lets you view and talk with the people at the front door from anywhere using your smartphone.
  • Get Alert to What Matters via App: Our wireless surveillance doorbell supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. It will notify you at the first time with adjustable motion detection via your cell phone and included wireless chime, when someone steps on your property and triggers the PIR motion sensor.
  • Market-leading Weatherproof Design: Rating as IP65, this doorbell camera is competent to work for any weather, no matter it is winter or summer, blizzard or thunderstorm. Besides, the cutting-edge design for the mounting bracket will keep your video doorbell away from the falling leaves and glare.
  • Customizable Storage & Power Options: No more hidden cost for your smart home. Our all-round wireless door bell supports both local storage with Micro SD card and cloud storage (optional). You could also choose to power your doorbell with the rechargeable battery pack or connects to doorbell wires for a constant charge. (Hard-wired installation kit is sold separately )

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Crazy times, crazy people so you really need this very helpful door camera !

Good quality for not big money with many functions and options.Yes, we were looking for a wireless motion activated doorbell camera for our home security.And yes I wasn't sure it is easy to install it.And yes I was very sceptical if this camera will be working as I expect.MY answer is : yes, yes, yes. Buy this camera, installation is easy, app is working, camera is working. With Iphone too !With my purchase I got a memory card too.And two battery-controlled 18650 batteries so this camera works even if there is any problem with electricity (really long time because two high power batteries support the camera for long months)You can see everything with wide angle view, it detects visitors before they get to the door and send a message to your phone. Then you can talk with your visitor both ways and see him with high resolution picture.One more thing. You can see if there is any intruder before you you open the door and leave your house.Cool, right?

amazing product

I am telling you why I bought this product.actually I don't need this product. but because the product I was using was broken, I ended up buying this product. but before I buy this product, I first see a review from a previous buyer. whether this product is worthy of my purchase and it turns out that the previous buyer reviews are pretty good, making me even more interested in buying this product.when I bought this product. I am thinking whether this product is better than my previous product. but I think positively and I am sure that this product will make me happy and better than the product I used before.when this product arrived I was very satisfied with the results

Great picture quality

Camera took less than 5 minutes to install. Comes with 4 different chimes. Great picture quality - better than my home security cameras. Features a zoom as well. When someone rings the doorbell the chime will ring as well as your phone, giving you the choice to answer or decline. If you decline, it will still take a picture of who rang the bell. Even if nobody rings the bell, you can still view what is going on outside your house as well as listen. It also has an intercom. I was looking at the different doorbells. While this one is similar in cost to some others on the market, there is no after cost with this one. Other doorbells require a monthly subscription to view your video footage on the cloud. This has that option as well, but also has an SD card that comes with it. No subscription needed, you can view recordings on the SD card right from your phone. Have been enjoying this purchase!

Works as Promised

At less than half the cost of its most familiar competitor, the Victure video doorbell is a great value. Based on my initial evaluation, this is a product that I would buy again, and recommend to others. In fact, I did buy a second one, which I easily added to the CloudEdge app.I have two pieces of advice that should help with your installation. First, ignore everything in the enclosed mini manual except the QR code to download the full manual. Second, opening the back of the doorbell is difficult by design: the tight fit helps keep out water. You’ll need something thin and strong; I used a knife blade. Be careful!The full manual should provide all you need to complete the install. The only minor issue is that the CloudEdge app has been updated since the manual was produced, so the screenshots will likely not match what you see in the app. For example, to get to the doorbell’s settings, select the doorbell in the app and then click the pencil icon in the upper right corner. The screenshot in the manual shows a different icon.I chose the battery option for the installation, but a wired option is offered. I cannot yet report on the expected battery life. However, the battery option requires removing the doorbell from its bracket and charging it until full. I don’t know how long this will take, but the initial charge took more than six hours (charged overnight so I don’t know exactly how long it took).Picture quality is excellent, and the audio quality is good if you turn the volume all the way up in the app. There is of course a bit of delay in the audio/video, but in my case it’s not significant enough to be a problem.The low setting for motion sensor feature completely ignored someone walking up the steps and into the house. The high option seems to work well, and so far has not triggered any false alarms.You can use the app on more than one phone. After installing the app on the second phone, open the app on the primary phone, select the doorbell, open the settings, and choose Device Share. Click Add. Choose QE code or Account, and just follow the instructions. We have seen, however, that the secondary phone does not get pictures for alarm notifications.Use the app to pair with the wireless chime. You can choose one of four tones to sound when the doorbell button is pressed.When the button is pressed, the wireless chime sounds. Any phone connected via the app gets an alert. Opening the alert shows a snap of your visitor, and gives you the option to answer or ignore. If you answer, you’ll see video of your visitor and can carry on a conversation through the doorbell. Video quality is great, even in low lighting. Sound quality is good as well.In this era of porch pirates, this product can help keep your deliveries safe.Update 11/4/2020: After a bit over seven weeks I had to charge the first doorbell I purchased. Motion sensing is always on, so the doorbell picks us up when we enter and return. Based on all this activity, I'm impressed with seven weeks of battery life. I let it charge overnight, so I don't know exactly how long recharging takes.Setting motion sensitivity to High resulted in too many notifications; it even alerted due to cars passing on the street in front of our house. We set it back to Low and are satisfied with the results.The product continues to impress!

RIng Pro at half the price

I went with Victure because I have two outdoor cameras sitting outside in the direct Arizona sun shrine for two summers now, heat-proof durable! I installed a Ring system for my daughter last year at her place, and looked for something similar for my home. With identical functionality, and my own experience with Victure, I chose this model, at half the price. Will it too be durable, we'll see? Installation is straight forward, its the typical Victure setup process. I screwed the unit into the door frame, I hard wired the unit to a 12V AC power brick I had sitting around the house and the existing door bell wires. The hardest part of the install process was prying open the battery compartment door because of its moisture proof rubber seal. Its only been on for a day, I'll update this review after a few weeks of use. So far it has all the functionality I wanted, installation was fun, and I think its an attractive unit. My only issue is not the cameras fault, the backlighting darkens the close up images which is typically the people at the door. Repositioning the unit to avoid the backlighting would solve this, but my wife wanted to be able to remotely observe the front of the house. It just has to survive the Arizona sun.