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Google Nest Thermostat - Snow

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  • ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat for home that helps you save energy and stay comfortable
  • Nest Thermostat turns itself down when you leave, so you dont waste energy heating or cooling an empty home
  • Programmable thermostat that lets you create an energy efficient schedule in the Google Home app on your Android or iPhone
  • Remote control lets family members change the thermostat temperature from anywhere on a phone, laptop, or table
  • Savings Finder looks for more ways your thermostat can help you save, and suggests tweaks to your schedule in the app; check with your energy provider to learn more about rebates and more ways to save on a Nest thermostat
  • Smart thermostat with HVAC monitoring, which looks out for your heating and cooling systems; sends an alert if something doesnt seem right, along with helpful reminders to make maintenance easier
  • Its easy to install your thermostat, typically in 30 minutes or less, with everything you need included in the box; its compatible with 85% of heating and cooling systems
  • The Nest Thermostat is designed to work without a C wire in most homes, but for some systems, including heating only, cooling only, zone controlled, and heat pump systems, youll need a C wire or other compatible power accessory
  • Control the temperature with your voice using smart home devices that work with Google Assistant or Alexa

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Already saved me money on repairs!

Within about 2 weeks of installation, this thermostat has already saved me big! I got a notice from it stating that my furnace had turned off unexpectedly many times and that I should check the unit for function. When I checked the furnace, I found that the previous owner of my house (purchased home in summer 2020 and had not used the heat until now) had never bothered to change the filter on the unit. This was causing a major airflow issue that could easily have caused premature furnace failure if left unattended. Thanks to the warning from this thermostat, I was able to fix the problem for the price of a new filter. Highly recommended!

Fantastic Thermostat. Easy to use.

**Edited to include more detail..I love this thermostat! It was super easy to install. Literally turn off power supply, transfer wires and set to wall. With that it is round, so I already planned on repainting the wall and filling the old hole. My old unit was rectangle. The Nest is perfectly small with a mirror display that wakes up when I walk near. Shows the temp and what it is set to. Tap the side and it gives more info like humidity and adjustability. So much better than my old Honeywell. Definitely updates the hallway.I love being in bed and turning it on from my phone if nessesary. Or the heat will kick on when I pull into my driveway. It was very easy to set the program and adjust as I see fit. I think google does and amazing job of simplifying instruction with quick to the point walk throughs.

This really does work (ignore the negative reviews about the "C" wire)

I saw all the negative reviews on here about the "C" wire and got nervous. In fact, when I took my old controllers off the wall in my house there was no "C" wire connected, worrying me. However, I went down to the furnace and saw that the microcontroller had a "C" wire port, and there were a bundle of wires installed that were in the same housing as the main 4 wires. Sure enough, I took once, hooked it into the microcontroller on my furnace, hooked the other end into the Nest, and it worked!As for the Nest itself, it has been seamless. I have integrated it into my Alexa, and can easily set the temperature with my voice and from afar. The house seems to heat mucvh more efficiently now, probably due to the 2 zones we have actually being properly controlled by the Nests (we bought 2) rather than just the previous controllers. I do wish the Alexa would tell me the humdity (the Google Home app does this) but that's not really the Nest's fault. I also do wish there were more customization options for fan controls, but these are so minor that it's not worth deducting a star. Overall, this is a fantastic product and has already begun to pay for itself.

Do research before you decide to buy

I was looking for a basic, smart thermostat for our cabin so I could monitor the temperature over the winter in the event of heating issues or someone kicking the door in and it freezing inside; and also, because we turn the heat way down while not there, I could turn it back up on the way there and have it already warm when we arrive. As I read reviews on this thermostat, which I kept going back to when I reviewed others, it seemed like most complaints were about needing a "c" wire to the thermostat and Google not disclosing that. I can't speak to that as I'm not sure it's absolutely necessary, I knew nothing of wiring a thermostat to a furnace. I went into it though assuming I needed a "c" wire and researched different ways to do it. There were other complaints like displayed temperature inaccuracies, but at the end of the day I went with the basic Google Nest in sand color (looks pink to me). I'm glad I spent the time researching ahead of time and, so far, glad I didn't listen to the "don't buy this product" reviews. Does exactly what I want it to do, easy to use, displays perfectly accurate temperature, and was easy to install (again, glad I researched quite a bit and was prepared). Now for my install experience: Just for the record, my cabin furnace is heat only, so I only really needed 2 low voltage wires from the thermostat to the furnace. The existing cable had 3 wires however, one of which (the green one) was not hooked up at either end. FYI, take the advice of the "how to" videos and take a picture of the wire locations on the old thermostat before removing them, and make sure the furnace breaker is off too. The green wire, as I researched, is usually for operating the furnace fan separate from when it's on for heating or cooling, something I, and probably most people, don't use. The white and red wires were hooked to their corresponding letter coded (R&W) spaces on the thermostat and furnace. I had purchased a plug-in 24v transformer with a long set of wires, based on my previous research, to use as the "c" wire, which I learned supplies power to the thermostat. I intended on plugging it into a nearby outlet, running the wire alongside some doorframe trim, which would hide the wire, and into the wall behind the new thermostat. This, I think, would have worked just fine. I also learned though, from watching another "how-to" video just before I started the project, that all furnaces have a 24v connection space along with where all the other thermostat wires would go. So I just hooked the unused green wire to the "c", or 24v, spot on the furnace and to the "c" connector on the Nest thermostat. *The Nest comes with wire identifying stickers and I did label this wire on both ends to indicate it's now the power wire. Once the wiring was done, turned the breaker back on and followed the install directions from the Google Home app. The only minor issues I had was that the display was in Celsius, not Fahrenheit, and it took me awhile to figure out that this needed to be changed via the phone app, not the thermostat. There may be a way, but I couldn't figure that out. Also, was a little nervous because of the previous reviews I read when the initial temperature displayed about 4-5 degrees above the actual temperature, but by the time I cleaned everything up, it was right on. In Google's defense, it did indicate it takes a little bit to adjust itself. Very happy with it and glad I picked this one-so far anyhow.

Love it!!!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I was so excited that Nest finally came out with an update that I had to grab it up to replace my E. Love the new look. Super easy to install and setup. Really easy to use too.