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Health & Location Tracker for Pets - Green

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  • 3 MONTH FREE - LIMITED TIME DEAL 1 year or longer plan - USE PROMO CODE  FREEMONTH DURING ACTIVATION ON WHISTLE APP (code expires 2/15/21). Subscription is required and covers connection to AT&T 4G LTE-M network for GPS location in the US. Yearly $7.95/mo, 2-Year $6.95/mo
  • REAL-TIME LOCATION TRACKING. Set up alerts and quickly locate your pet, whether they've made a sneaky escape, or are 3,000 miles away. Receive notifications if your pet's location leaves a designated safe area. Using AT&T nationwide network and Google maps.
  • HEALTH, NUTRITION, & ACTIVITY TRACKING. Monitor activity levels, calories, distance, and activity, along with behaviors like licking, scratching and sleeping to keep an eye on potential health problems. Get recommendations on food portions based on activity levels, breed, age, and weight. Email a 30-day report to your vet.
  • 20-DAY BATTERY, BUILT-IN NIGHT LIGHT. Use the app to choose between 3 safety night light settings, slow flash, fast flash or always on. The long-lasting battery goes up to 20 days on a single charge for your greatest adventures.
  • CHAT WITH A VET. Your Whistle subscription gives you access to on-demand veterinary help through chat, phone or email right from the Whistle app. Powered by the VETINSIGHT team of licensed veterinary professionals, you'll get expert advice and guidance from the comfort of your home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Feel secure knowing you can find your dog!

Whistle has helped me track and find my energetic young bulldog several times after getting lost in the wilderness behind our farm running off with a favorite ball! What a relief since this is hunting season! Also fantastic and fast and efficient help replacing my whistle when it malfunctioned!

Great product, great customer service

First time to write an review: five stars.Set up Whistle easily.I found out the hard way that the mount the company gives you to put on your collar is stiffer than expected and the device did not snap into place correctly. Within the first quarter mile of walking my dog off leash in the woods the device had fallen off. Even with a location the size of a garage using the GPS, impossible to find in leaves and brambles.Called the company. They showed empathy and just asked for a picture of the mount on the collar sent via email. The next day spoke to them and they sent out a new device. They also sent along a new collar which has a much better mount - a thirty dollar value. Above and beyond in response.Yesterday, back in the woods, my dog took off after a herd of deer. I am usually able to control my dog with a electronic vibration collar, but that doesn't work if she gets over a hill or out of range. This is the reason I bought Whistle. Usually I've had to wait until my dog is exhausted and comes across people who call (again - we are out in the woods). With Whistle I was able to track my dog and found her (first a deer, then her in hot pursuit) more than three miles away, approximately 30 minutes later. Amazing product.I have happy dog loves being outdoors, loves being off leash and, like Elmer Fudd, loves to chase deer. For piece of mind, Whistle gives hope to even irresponsible dog owners.

1 alert was enough to make it worth it.

I've had the whistle a little over a month and so far I have had to use it once. People sometimes don't latch the gate correctly and the wind manages to open the fence and my Jack Russell ran out. She got out last night at 8PM and it if it wasn't for the Whistle im pretty sure I wouldn't have found her. It was dark and rainy and the light on the collar made it easier to locate the dog in the forest she had wandered into. Im really glad I made the decision to buy the whistle. Everyone told me it was too expensive and I was wasting my money but after last night it is definitely worth it.

Fantastic whistle!!!

Love this product! Battery life is crazy good!! We are on day 16 and she is still at 96%. We are on wifi with her device 75% of the day. Love that it tracks her with everything! Food consumption, licking, scratching, sleeping, activity level and so much more! Tito is almost 8lb.,I do wish the device were smaller, maybe 1/2 the size for smaller dogs. It never seems to bother her, only me..lol I swing it around to the back of her neck when she is showing on me just because it looks uncomfortable. Its very lite weight . Only looks heavy. 4.99 stars. 5 would be if it were smaller:)! Would definitely buy another if we got another pet! I also like that other family members link to her personal account so when I'm at work it will alert me when tito is out for a walk or reached a goal that we set.

An instant essential...

This is a must-have for anyone with an outdoor dog or one that’s allowed out unsupervised. The battery life is unbeatable; I’ve had this three months now, and I’ve only had to charge it twice. The accuracy while stationary at home can be a little erratic, but the active tracking works well. I bought one for my sister’s dog as, and it’s already saved her life. The activity tracker is nice, but it can glitch now and then and log way more than was actually achieved. The scratching and licking trackers are surprisingly helpful as well. Overall, this is the best thing I’ve ever bought for my dog, and he’ll never not have it on.I haven’t had to contact tech support, so I can’t rate it yet; however, everything about the device and app is so straightforward that tech support is unlikely to be needed.