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Smart Thermostat With Touch Screen

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  • COMFORT COMES IN YOUR COLOR. Personalize your Wi-Fi Smart Color Programmable Thermostat to fit your decor.
  • YOUR SCHEDULE. YOUR WAY. Flexible programming options for your schedule or utility companys peak rate pricing.
  • EASY OPERATION AND INTUITIVE. Bright, easy-to-read touchscreen makes for simple operation.
  • WEATHER SCREEN FEATURES. View the daily forecast on the screen, and check indoor and outdoor humidity.
  • EASY-TO-USE-APP. Choose from the Total Connect Comfort app or the Honeywell Home app to control your WiFi thermostat anytime, anywhere.
  • MONTHLY ENERGY REPORTS. Track your heating and cooling and get personalized tips on reducing energy use.
  • EFFICIENCY AND REWARDS. Works with utility programs across the US to bring you even more savings.
  • SMART ALERTS HELP YOU WORRY LESS. Get air filter change reminders, temperature notifications, internet connection alerts, and more.
  • ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED. Honeywell Home Wi-Fi thermostats are energy-efficient without sacrificing performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Easy install, set-up, and operation. Works with a zoned system.

I decided it was time to upgrade to a smart thermostat. I narrowed down my choices to the Honeywell RTH9585WF and the Nest thermostats. I opted to give the Honeywell a try and I am glad I did. Ultimately, I replaced all 3 of the thermostats in my house with this model. Install was a cinch - pay attention to the wire codes on the old thermostat and match to the new thermostat. Set-up including WiFi and online access was easy and stress less. I can adjust temperatures with my iPhone or iPad from across the room or across the country.A couple of notes that may be helpful:Around 2AM the display screen goes into screen saver mode for about an hour (white background with black letters). Afterwards it reverts to the colored screen the user chose during set-up..I have a zoned system upstairs (zone control board also by Honeywell), these thermostats work flawlessly with that system.

Reliable, Works well with Alexa, Intuitive interface

Bought this as a replacement for an existing digital thermostat from about 7 or 8 years ago, which probably is explanation enough as to why I like the interface so much better than the unit it replaced. Anyway, it was easy to install after searching online for wiring diagrams that matched my older unit. Interface is really a treat and so easy to set or override. We got this so that it could work with Alexa and allow my mom to change the settings without getting up from her chair (she's had a stroke). As a bonus, the unit qualified for a rebate with my power company, so it ended up costing half of what I paid on . Bottom line: Reliable, easy to install, easy to set, and a good value.

Smaller than photo appears, and requires power

A lot of people buy this and don't realize that you need low-voltage AC (alternating current, not air conditioning) power to use this, which is fed through what is known as the "c-wire." It's not hard to hook up if you have that power, and a lot of HVAC units have it pre-installed. I added an external doorbell power converter near our boiler and powered my two programmable thermostats with that (both thermostats ran fine on 19VAC, but 24VAC is specified - connect the low voltage AC power to Rc and C, and the heat control to R and W). The other problem is that many older thermostat installations will have a 2-conductor cable, and this needs a minimum of 4 conductors in a heat-only installation, and probably more with air-con. The device itself is smaller than you might imagine from the photos - about the size of a deck of cards. The interface is easy to use and program, but you do need to touch the screen twice to use it - once to wake it up, and then again to control it. Even on the dimmest screen setting, the screen is pretty bright, so it might bother you in a bedroom or living room, although it works great as a night light in a hallway (you can set it to turn off the backlight completely, but you won't see the current and set temps until you touch the screen). Honeywell sells other models of wifi thermostats that use different software, so if you want more than one wifi thermostat, be sure that you get the models that work with the services you want. Total Connect Comfort (TCC) models like this one integrate with professional Honeywell systems, and are compatible with Honeywell Home, but I'm not sure if the Lyric and other Honeywell products work with TCC or professional systems.

Great thermostat if you don't need support.

I waited a month or so before writing a review, to be sure I had solid experience with this thermostat. I bought several to replace the non programmable thermostats sprinkled throughout my house.Set-up was super easy. I've read that you need to go thru contortions to get the thermostat connected to the Internet. But all of these quickly recognized the router with no issue.The phone app is very intuitive and does exactly what I need. The "color" aspect of the thermostat is just the ability to set the background color. Which of course I had to do, and each matches the painted wall it's on.I did have to call tech support to ask about calibration. I did get an answer but my Lord the hold time is worse than a certain phone company starting with V.Other than tech support, I've been extremely happy with these thermostats, especially the ability to check the room temp while away from home, and most importantly the ability to use my phone to change the temp from anywhere, including without getting out of bed.Hopefully these will hold up for a long time. If they don't, you'll hear about it here.

If I can give it 10 Stars, I would!

This is the third thermostat we have tried. The nest wouldn't regulate properly and my house was always three or four degrees hotter than it should be and what it was set on. The second thermostat was an Emerson Sensi, which seemed nice, but the display is awful, and impossible to see with a light background and white numbers. I found that the numbers would change from white to black spontaneously for some reason, but tech support told me there is no way to change that. I was unable to read the room temperature from any sitting position in the room, which defeated the purpose of the large display. This thermostat has so many settings, is super easy to view, and has tons of other options that the others did not! The app is also very detailed with a lot more options as well.